The Customer
Imperial College London founded in 1903 is the number 3 University in Europe and 8 in the world rankings with 14 thousand students attending from 126 countries.

Imperial College is in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea close to the Royal Albert Hall and London’s museum quarter. Imperial has more than 300 parking spaces to serve staff parking, visitor parking and for the public during evenings and weekends. The parking bays are distributed around the campus and campus access for all parkers and delivery vehicles is controlled by Imperial’s Security team.

The Need
Imperial’s legacy systems and processes consisted of a swipe card entry system for staff ‘season ticket holders’, spreadsheets for pre-booked customers and visitor pay & display machines for public parkers. Since Imperial had few resources to effectively police pay & display spaces and manual processes at campus entry points, Imperial had the need to plug revenue collection leakage. Furthermore, Imperial like most universities in the UK are under sustained pressure to reduce costs as their grant income is squeezed. Finally, Imperial’s vision is to improve speed and convenience for customers and to make access simpler for all.

The Solution
Our partner Sagoss installed the Park & Go solution at Imperial. Underpinned by smart ANPR license plate cameras at campus access points, season ticket holders and pre-booked customers gain ‘windows up’ access to the campus. Access point Security staff use wifi ipads to classify other traffic such as delivery and emergency vehicles. Recognized visitors are stopped at the entry barriers where Park & Go allocates numbered bays ensuring that visitors park close to their destinations. Pay and display machines were replaced by The Lazenby Groups design and built pay before you go touch screen terminals making payment quick, simple and accurate. In the event of overstays, Park & Go stops vehicles at exit and provides security staff with vehicle activity history to enable them to take appropriate action.

The Benefits

lazenbyised-itLazenby Group incorporating the Sagoss system provides customers with simpler and more transparent processes for entry, payment and exit. Fast, secure booking arrangements and staff season tickets and visitor parking.