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Lazenby Logic

Retailers are demanding more from products in terms of design and usability, it’s no longer acceptable to just produce products that are ‘good enough’. Our ‘lazenbyise it’ ethos aims to improve every product we work on.

That’s why design to us isn’t just about how it looks – we adopt a user-centred approach focusing on functionality by utilising storyboarding techniques to get to the heart of what the product needs to deliver. We use 3D software and the latest rendering techniques to provide life-like visuals and technical specifications. Lazenby logic design products including kiosks, housings and cabinets, furniture, dispensers and other specialist metal products.

Our service doesn’t just stop at design, we have a fast-track prototyping service that can turn ‘fag packet sketches’ into working models within a matter of days rather than weeks. If we can improve it, we will. Contact us for more information on prototyping.

3D Design Lazenby Logic