At Lazenby Group our welding bays have been busy these past few weeks! One of the projects which has been on going are these steel columns, consisting of 15mm base plates and a 5mm box section.


These steel columns and frame are the structure for a 5.5m high score board! Due to the thickness of the steel MIG welding has been the main solution used. MIG welding is an arc welding process that uses a continuous solid wire electrode heated and fed into the weld pool from a welding gun. The two base materials are melted together forming a join.


Do you need any welding carrying out? Here at The Lazenby Group we can weld up to 20mm thick for Steel. Contact our team today and they’ll be happy to help with your requirements.

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Here is a Disabled Access Ramp we manufactured for a mobile exhibition display.


This will allow all members of the public to access the display easily so they can explore all aspects of the event.


If you’re looking for something similar, then get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements to see how we can help.

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We’re currently in the process of building up POS poles. These are high-quality point of sales solution, which are versatile, reliable and secure, available to be manufactured in different heights to enhance your sales counter.


If you’re looking for something similar then get in contact with our team today and we’ll be happy to help with all of your requests.

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The Kiosk team are working extremely hard preparing these Single Sided Kiosks to go out to our customer in the upcoming weeks. From a concept to a fully functioning Kiosk, these have been through the different departments within the Lazenby Group.


Starting with our 3D designers, all final concepts are confirmed before moving onto our Sheet Metal Fabricators. Here the metalwork goes through the various stages of fabrication such as laser cutting, folding, welding and powder coating. At each stage the parts are checked to meet not only our customers expectation of high-quality work but our own too! Once powder coated, they move through to our Kiosk team where final assembly takes place including all electrical wiring.


Each Kiosk will be thoroughly checked and tested before making its way out our door.

We are in fact one of the only independent OEM kiosk manufacturing facilitates in the UK.

Get in contact with the team today, where we will be happy to help with all your requests.

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The production of this Display screen has been an ongoing project for over a year. The Lazenby Group have been working extremely hard a long side Anyplace Media Group to create this outstanding 3.5m X 2.0m elevating screen.

The dual sided screen elevates from its stationary height of 3.6m to a height of 4.6m, therefore can be seen from a great distance.

Great considerations have gone into the design and functionality of the mobile display screen to create such a spectacular piece of equipment. It features an onboard generator which allows content to be displayed whilst either on the move or in a remote location. The safety of the mobile dual sided LED display was something of high importance. Many safety aspects have been featured within. This includes an anemometer (wind speed sensor), bed level sensors and outrigger deployment sensors.

We worked beside a local company, to design and produce a bespoke control panel to industry standards to include all the safety features we desired. The system generates warnings locally indicated via panel mounted indication and via GSM modem as a text message or e-mail.

Not only does the control panel feature safety elements, but it also includes a 4G router for the downloading of new content on the go. We can’t wait to see this in action.

The Lazenby Group are here to help turn all your desires into reality. Check out our website or alternatively give us a call on 01482 329519, where the team will be happy to help.

This Month the Lazenby Group have been busy creating bespoke designs for customers using our CAD software. From taking a customer’s idea to manufacturing a fully functioning kiosk, the design goes through a thorough process.


Starting with a customer’s idea. They’ll send over images and sketches with specifications over to our design team. From here our design team create an initial mock-up, which is rendered and sent back to our customer with a drawing detailing overall dimensions and specific features of the kiosk.


From the initial mock-up the design team stay in close contact with customers ensuring all their needs are met, and if any changes are necessary. A design can go through several iterations before agreeing on a finalised design. Once a customer is happy to give it the go ahead the design team work accurately using our 3D CAD software to create a fully manufacturable design. Before proceeding to manufacture, a high-fidelity render is produced and sent over to the client for final approval.


Get in contact with our design team with your ideas, and they’ll be happy to help. Contact us via phone 01482 329519 or email, you can also check out our website for more information on Kiosk Solutions @

As we welcome the New Year, The Lazenby Group continue to be customer focused, forever striving to be the best. The Lazenby Group kick started 2022 on a high.


Speaking of high, we have been working extremely hard to manufacture the tallest panels we have ever produced. These 3.2-metre-tall panels are being manufactured using our Amada Vipros 2510 King Turret Punching Machine, which punches the features desired and our Amada HFE3i series press-brake. This press brake allows small intricacies to be folded forming the shape required. These panels are then delivered to our customer. From here our customer insulate and bond them to be used within a modular building.

This past month the Design, Sheet Metal and Assembly team have been working hard to complete the bespoke Self-Ordering Kiosk as shown for one of our customers. As always, we deliver to the highest standard possible, ensuring all the details are to our customers’ expectations.


This Bespoke Self-Ordering Kiosk includes features which will able the public to carry out their self-order effectively and efficiently. The Kiosk features a 32” Touchscreen, a Receipt Printer, a 1D and 2D barcode scanner and a Card Payment Machine. The Kiosk will be sent out to many locations within the UK.


For more information regarding our Kiosk Solutions please feel free to get in touch with us via email or alternatively give us a call on 01482 329519.