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Composite Panel Systems by The Lazenby Group

The Lazenby Group are industry leaders in the field of Composite Panel bonding, laminating and manufacture.

Composite panels are a popular construction material consisting of an insulation core sandwiched between plywood and an external facing. Various materials can be used for the external facing; for example, steel, aluminium, or GRP.
The bonded panels can be used in several applications; for example, Portable buildings, Modular building systems, Shelters, Gatehouses, Canopies, a range of standard cabinets and housings, and camera housings.
With one of the largest purpose-built flat bed laminators in the UK, we can handle many jobs that others simply cannot. Our skills don’t just stop at manufacture; we offer complete design to on-site installation service too, which our clients love.
If you would like more information about our Composite Panel Systems, just Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you.

What our customers say
about our company

  • Andrew Corbett
    We've been using Lazenbys for many years now; they supply brackets and steelwork for us for use in signage and the quality of their work, and the service that we receive from their team, is always exceptional.
    Andrew Corbett
    Business 101, Hull
  • Mark Shally
    We use Lazenby’s for all our sheet metal and kiosk needs and have done for many years now – the quality, attention to detail, and turnaround time are why we use them.
    Mark Shally
    Nexus Solutions, Brough
  • Gareth Deakin
    We have dealt with the Lazenby Group for a number of years now as both a supplier and a client – They are efficient in what they do and the quality they consistently produce. We always recommend them to our clients and they always give us great feedback on using Lazenbys.  
    Gareth Deakin
    Metal Coating Services Ltd, Hull

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The Lazenby Group?

1How strong are composite panels?

strong composite panels Composite panels are constructed from two outer sheet metal facings and a middle core, the core is bonded in between two panels. Sandwiching a lightweight core between thin faces can dramatically increase a bonded panel’s rigidity with little added to the weight. Although they are lightweight, composite panels have an excellent strength to weight ratio, making them suitable for projects where strength and mechanical performance are required. Sheet metal itself is very durable, making it hard wearing and resistant to pressure. Bonding occurs when the adhesive molecules react chemically with the molecules of the surface material, fusing them together and creating a strong bond between them both.

2How green are composite panels?

green composite panels Composite Panel Systems are green and environmentally friendly, especially those used in buildings. Composite Panel Building Systems’ products are ‘green’, offering dramatic energy savings. They create an extremely airtight building envelope that eliminates thermal transfers anywhere across the wall surface area, and deliver superior energy performance with high insulating whole-wall R-values. The R value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material. So, the thicker the material, the higher the R-value, the more thermal resistance the material has and therefore the better its insulating properties.

We also operate a recycling scheme for any waste materials which benefits the environment. We work with Styrofoam, which offers very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

3Is it an approved building product?

approved building product Composite panels are an approved building product. They have been specified as an effective way of achieving high levels of energy efficiency, whilst allowing for aesthetic design flexibility.

4What material is used in the core?

composite panel core material The two most common materials we use in the core between two panels are Polyfoam and Styrofoam. They both have good thermal insulating properties, high mechanical strength and low density.

5What is the longest sheet length you can supply?

lmaximum ength composite panel The Maximum bonding bed size is 5m X 4m, however the maximum sheet length which we can accommodate is 3m X 1.5m. If this doesn’t meet your needs, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as we can advise where possible.