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Product prototype with the Lazenby Group?


Start a product prototype with the Lazenby Group?

Concept prototyping is the design and build of a prototype going through many processes using CAD, for the final sheet metal and even wiring of electronic components. This gives us the ability to build the design concept virtually first, solve any issues at an early stage and finally create a finished model. This will eventually be a final component, device, and product it can then even be mass-produced here in house.

By manufacturing an initial sample (or two), you can test, learn and eventually replicate in a controlled manner without blowing the budget.


Lazenby Group’s benefits of prototyping?

If you want to have something produced and manufactured on a large scale, letting us prototype it first is a must because it gives a real test of a product, the design and its practicality. We can produce prototypes as a single item or small batch of components. Producing a prototype and stress testing it will help identify its strong points and its weaknesses and obviously, this can be corrected before Lazenby places it into full production.

The investment of a one-off prototype can be a bit of a hard one to swallow but we can’t express how important it is enough. Selling a product that hasn’t been tested or scrutinised will come back and bite you and100% is worth the investment in time and money. Going ahead with your first idea, dimensions, material choice, fixings type number or types of holes, and electronic components without first testing a prototype could leave you with a full batch of units that no one wants or are not even fit for purpose.

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