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Kiosk Solutions by The Lazenby Group

Innovative Kiosk design and fabrication for the modern marketplace.

Lazenby Kiosk Solutions specialise in designing and manufacturing a range of interactive kiosks used for a variety of purposes. Kiosks are specialised computer terminals that provide access to information and applications for a number of services including communication, commerce, entertainment, and education.
Looking for a partner to deliver innovative kiosk design and manufacture? Then you've come to the right place! Lazenby Kiosk Solutions are one of the only independent OEM kiosk manufacturing facilities in the UK. Kiosk solutions we have developed with our partners can be seen across the world in most sectors, including retail, leisure, gaming, aviation, police forces and local authorities, city centre parking systems, and healthcare.
Kiosks come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the specific requirements. Some key types are found below.
If you are interested in any of our Kiosk Solutions, please Contact Us, and we will do our best to help.
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IP Rated Kiosks

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating determines the level of protection the kiosk enclosure has against unwanted intrusion.

IP56 is a standard IP rating that our outdoor kiosks are manufactured to. An IP56 rated kiosk is protected against dust ingress that could be harmful for the normal operation of the product. It is protected against solid objects and water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any directions.

Free Standing Kiosks

Free standing kiosks are known as the most flexible kiosk on the market today and the most popular.

They offer a wide variety of options and solutions, customising your design to suit your business, whilst creating a great visual. Free standing kiosks are built for heavy daily usage and so the construction of each kiosk is extremely robust. Our kiosks are DDA compliant and easily accessible to all users.
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Wall Mounted Kiosks

Wall mounted kiosks are designed to make a big impact in a small space as they are compact and durable.

They can fit any business premise, serving a broad range of applications. They can be securely attached to the wall and then height adjusted to suit your customers.

Desk Mounted Kiosks

Desk mounted kiosks are lightweight and portable.

They are a great option for environments where there is limited floor space. Desk mounted kiosks provide great security in a stylish way.
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Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor kiosks are durable; therefore, they are designed to withstand various types of weather and elements whether it be dust, rain or snow.

Outdoor kiosks are manufactured to facilitate safe and secure functions in a range of environments. Outdoor kiosks are now able to handle more complex tasks which increases customer satisfaction and improves the overall experience offered by businesses.

Self-Service Kiosks

A self-service kiosk allows a consumer to interact directly with a company, receiving a service at their own convenience.

Self-service kiosks can be utilised in a plethora of ways, each providing advantages to your business and the customers. Self-service kiosks offer great convenience, increased revenue and considerable time savings.
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Self-Checkout Kiosks

Self-checkouts provide a mechanism for customers to complete their own transaction from a retailer without needing a traditional staffed checkout.

These provide a much quicker checkout system for customers, and reduce the need for additional staff.

Ticketing Kiosks

Ticketing kiosks are the ideal solution to boost your sales.

The ticketing software allows for customers to purchase tickets with ease and simplicity. The transactions are much quicker resulting in faster customer service and significant queue reduction, whilst increasing sales for your business.
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Parking Kiosks

Parking kiosks allow motorists to pay for their parking in the most efficient and convenient way.

The parking industry needs to offer drivers many alternative ways to pay for their parking, which is dictated by the marketplace and by the physical and infrastructure requirements within different car parks. Therefore, parking kiosks are the solution for this as they can be manufactured to meet different requirements.

Retail Kiosks

Retail kiosks provide a great opportunity for interacting and engaging with customers.

Customers can browse your entire range, compare products, place orders and even check stock in other stores, all from a retail kiosk. Offering an automated service in your retail location improves the customer experience by providing quicker transactions and more independence.
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Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks provide audiences with engaging digital content and information through an interface.

Interactive kiosks can connect to the internet and function as digital signage. Kiosk and signage content is completely customisable and can be easily updated from a remote location. Interactive kiosks act as a good marketing tool which helps influence your customers to buy certain products through the use of promotions, packages, discounts and other enticing offers.

Bespoke Kiosks

Bespoke kiosk solutions offer stylish appeal, functional depth and endless capabilities.

Kiosks can be customised to integrate several hardware peripheral options and software. Creating a bespoke solution is the process of taking the client's vision from concept to reality.

What our customers say
about our company

  • Andrew Corbett
    We've been using Lazenbys for many years now; they supply brackets and steelwork for us for use in signage and the quality of their work, and the service that we receive from their team, is always exceptional.
    Andrew Corbett
    Business 101, Hull
  • Mark Shally
    We use Lazenby’s for all our sheet metal and kiosk needs and have done for many years now – the quality, attention to detail, and turnaround time are why we use them.
    Mark Shally
    Nexus Solutions, Brough
  • Gareth Deakin
    We have dealt with the Lazenby Group for a number of years now as both a supplier and a client – They are efficient in what they do and the quality they consistently produce. We always recommend them to our clients and they always give us great feedback on using Lazenbys.  
    Gareth Deakin
    Metal Coating Services Ltd, Hull

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The Lazenby Group?

1How do I choose the right solution?

kiosk solutions Choosing the right solution for your kiosk all depends on its desired function. There are also environmental factors to consider; whether it will be situated indoors or outdoors has a big impact on the type of mounting you want for your kiosk, for example. Different functions will include card payment, cash payment, scanning, printing etc.

2What features can I add to my kiosk?

laz Features will depend on the type of solution you have chosen to go with. This includes whether you want a touchscreen or normal screen, the different types of payment (whether it is card, contactless, cash, or a combination of these), if you need a barcode scanner and which type of scanner you will need. Another feature would be a receipt printer, and again which type of printer you would need. The best option is to get in touch with us and we can then advise you as to which features would be most appropriate for your kiosk and the correct type for each.

3Do your kiosks comply with National Standards?

kiosk Standards Yes, all our kiosks comply with all National Standards, including the UKCA and CE mark. Any additional and international standards can also be accommodated and complied with, such as FCC and NTRL, both of which are United States requirements. If you need more information about compliances, feel free to get in touch with the team, who will be happy to help.

4What about kiosk security?

Kiosk Security Kiosk security is very important. We can offer a range of different security measures, from alarm systems to different locking mechanisms, whichever is better suited for the customer and the kiosk’s function and location. One example is a security key system; an alarm would be activated if the kiosk were to be unlocked before the alarm was disabled. Another example used is a tilt sensor; this detects any change in orientation or inclination, and would activate an alarm if those actions were to change.

5What are the benefits of kiosks?

kiosk benefits There are many benefits when it comes to using kiosks in your business. One of these benefits is queue-busting; the use of a kiosk will cut down how long a customer will have to wait for a certain service. Reduced waiting times enhances the customer journey. It also benefits sales, therefore increasing profits. Another benefit includes the reduction of business costs. Kiosks can help your business save money by eliminating the necessity of employing a large customer service team. This allows your employees to concentrate on tasks that are essential to your operations.

Interactive kiosks are another great way of boosting sales; they act as a good marketing tool which helps to influence your customers to buy certain products through the use of promotions, packages, discounts and other enticing offers. The active interaction with customers encourages them to spend more money than they had anticipated and improve your bottom line.

Parking kiosks offer benefits for both operators and users. Operators benefit from both increased revenue generation and reduced costs. Because they accept more forms of payment, these machines make it easier for drivers to pay for parking and cut down on the risk that they will try to park without paying. Users also benefit from parking kiosks as card and mobile payments mean no more rummaging for the exact change, while the ticket system gives a clear reminder of the parking expiration time. Overall, kiosks have many benefits for your business, and they are a great investment.