Introducing the Mobile Dual Sided LED Display

Date Posted: 14th April 2022

Led display

The production of this Display screen has been an ongoing project for over a year. The Lazenby Group have been working extremely hard a long side Anyplace Media Group to create this outstanding 3.5m X 2.0m elevating screen.

The dual sided screen elevates from its stationary height of 3.6m to a height of 4.6m, therefore can be seen from a great distance.

Great considerations have gone into the design and functionality of the mobile display screen to create such a spectacular piece of equipment. It features an onboard generator which allows content to be displayed whilst either on the move or in a remote location. The safety of the mobile dual sided LED display was something of high importance. Many safety aspects have been featured within. This includes an anemometer (wind speed sensor), bed level sensors and outrigger deployment sensors.

We worked beside a local company, to design and produce a bespoke control panel to industry standards to include all the safety features we desired. The system generates warnings locally indicated via panel mounted indication and via GSM modem as a text message or e-mail.

Not only does the control panel feature safety elements, but it also includes a 4G router for the downloading of new content on the go. We can’t wait to see this in action.

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