Laser profiling nitrogen HullThe Lazenby Group have invested heavily over the years in new technology, staff and machinery. This month we took another massive leap forward by investing again to meet our clients needs and production schedules.

Our recent and previous purchase of a new laser cutting machine the “TruLaser 3030” has proven to be a great addition to speed up production saving time and money. With orders ever increasing and our demand for the gas that assists in our laser cutting “Nitrogen” it was time to move forward and invest again. Having a few multi-banks of Nitrogen didn’t even last us a day and needed a solution to help keep up with our demand, the answer was bulk storage from Air Products!

This helps us keep up with production for longer with less down time changing cylinders over.

Contact us now for a more cost effective laser profiling service.

Laser cutting 3030 in Hull Laser cutting Laser profiling nitrogen cutting Laser profiling nitrogen