Who Are We?

We’ve grown in scale as well. The Lazenby Group now has one of the most comprehensive production facilities around, providing the capacity to handle many projects others can’t (or wouldn’t). Our Hull-based factory boasts 20,000sq.ft of cutting edge equipment including one of the largest laminating beds in the UK, allowing us to speed up production time and reduce unit costs for our clients.

One thing has remained constant over time – our dedication to customer service. Every one of us is focused on placing the customer at the heart of everything we do because you’re only as good as your last job. It’s a great way of keeping ideas fresh and measuring performance. Our ‘team’ ethos keeps our feet on the ground, so we concentrate on getting the basics right. If we don’t exceed customer expectations then we haven’t delivered, full stop.

We manufacture anything from pre-fabricated buildings to TV monitor brackets, we’re also specialists in kiosk design. The group is split into four main divisions:

Lazenby Logic
We use 3D software and the latest rendering techniques to provide life-like visuals and technical specifications.

Lazenby Sheet Metal Fabrication
What we don’t know about sheet metal fabrication is either old news or isn’t worth knowing.

Lazenby Panel Systems
Lazenby Interface Systems are one of the only independent OEM kiosk manufacture facilities in the UK.

Lazenby Interface Systems
Lazenby Panel Systems is the specialist bonding and laminating division of the group and pretty unique within the UK.